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Title: How does the Mix-Revu/Contest work?
Post by: ivan on January 02, 2014, 10:35:58 AM

If you are here, that means you are interested in the mixrevu contests, so here's how it works:

The contest platform for this site is all about helping each other build better mixes and learn more about mixing music in general so all of the contests are meant to help each other grow as an audio engineer. So keep that in mind...

1. The admins will post different categories of contests (Pop, Hip Hop, Classical, Audio Scene, EDM, etc...)

2. Users should login to their account and go to "manage mixes" and upload a track you have been working on in that genre. We wanna hear what you've been working on, so submit your music or music of artists you work with that you are proud of. 

-----We are bringing a NEW Feature to MIXREVU.COM, For MEMBERS ONLY, we will be adding FREE MULTI-TRACK DOWNLOADS for specific contests under each track name, members of mixrevu.com need to also be members of the mixrevu forum to download the FREE tracks. You can log in and submit your mixes of these tracks in the same way you would any other tracks. Access these Downloads via the "Downloads" Board under this "Contests" Board. The "Downloads" Board is ONLY visible if you are a Member of the Forum----

3. You will be notified by email once your track has been approved or disapproved (make sure it is within guidelines (http://www.mixrevu.com/?p=guidelines))

4. 2 tracks will be randomly chosen once the submission phase has ended and you will see the tracks on the mixrevu page. All logged in members can/should VOTE for the best mixed track and comment on issues they like or dislike in the mix and add some tips for correcting anything as well. ****If we have enough mixes of the DOWNLOADED tracks, we'll include up to 3 Head2Heads per download (so that equals a TOTAL of 6 users with their mixes chosen). If we have more mixes submitted, we may possibly include additional "rounds" of that same Track Head2Head"

5. Once the contest ends (the end dates are posted on the mixrevu page under each contest). The track with the highest vote total is the winner and will be posted on the Homepage as our winner for that contest/category, featured in our social media posts and featured in our newsletters.

6. Upload a photo if you'd like your photo to be attached along with the track if you win.

It's as simple as that!!!


p.s. stay connected to our facebook,twitter, and google+ accounts, any of the other cool things that may be offered in the future will be announced there and through our newsletters...

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Post by: ivan on May 17, 2014, 10:18:38 PM
Official Rules June 2014 Membership Appreciation Contests

•   Participation for each plugin contest is listed on the main page here (http://www.mixrevu.com/?p=article2&id=29)
•   All members who have satisfied each requirement are eligible to win. No team members of mixrevu.com are eligible to win.
•   All contest eligibility starts 6/1 and end on 6/30.
•   Sweepstakes#1 prize is the Stillwell audio 1973 plugin (Native) retail value (Retail $39)
•   Contest #2  prize is the Waves Audio Kramer Pie plugin (Native) (Retail $69)
•   Contest#3 prize is the T-Racks Classic Mastering Bundle (Native) (Retail $79) (Only members who have purchased the “Get 2 it” download and mixed, submitted it are eligible for this.)
•   Prizes are awarded per guidelines on the main page. #1 Sweepstake is chosen at random-No purchase necessary,
#2 Contest winner is the winner of a randomly selected genre. The winner of each contest is chosen by votes on the site, by site members. The winner also must have satisfied the items 1, 2, 3, items on the main contest page-No purchase necessary.
#3 Contest winner is the winner of the specific mix contest of “Get 2 it”-This Download is a purchased download from our merch site. The winner of the contests are selected by voting as said above. (Site moderators have final say on validity of winners)
•   All prizes will be awarded assuming there are members that meet the requirements. If there are no mixes submitted for Contest#2 or #3 those prizes will be held for a later date.
•   Winners will be notified by their email we have on file here on mixrevu.com. If you need to change your email you can change it under “my profile” tab after logging in.
•   For an official list of winners, contact the mixrevu.com team after 6/30 by email.

Please make sure your computer and D.A.W match system requirements before entering. It is your responsibility to make sure your system is compatible with the NATIVE versions of these plugins.